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Cocktail Collective

Elevated Cocktails,
Elevated Design.

Cocktail Collective is an elevated mixology publication based in Australia. After establishing itself on Instagram, the brand approached us looking to expand its digital offerings with a new website and updated branding.



A stylish ode to the classic cocktail aesthetic of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

With an audience split roughly between cocktail enthusiasts and mixology insiders, we sought to cater to both groups in our homepage presentation. Insiders can quickly scan the left column for articles and industry news, while those coming for new recipes will find them on the right. To accentuate this diversity, we developed a unique type system to further reinforce the different content groups. The site’s design echoes the brand’s existing Instagram aesthetic, which features dark and moody photography.

Easy sipping

On any recipe site, discovery is hugely important. A dropdown menu in the header lets users browse by featured ingredient while offering up curated collections of recipes. On the archive pages, users can filter by a breadth of ingredients and characteristics, allowing readers to dive as deep as they want.

Beyond back of the napkin

The logo captures the classic style of a bygone era. A cocktail spear playfully joins the text, signifying a unified collective.

Cocktails to go

The site responds down perfectly on mobile – useful for the party host, checking a recipe while they tends bar.

A craft reading experience

Built a depth of classifications beyond what a typical cocktail site offers, while maintaining readability and accessibility. Afterwards the site recommends related cocktails the reader may enjoy.

Brand integrations

We developed various brand integrations in which Cocktail Collective can sell sponsorships. The first lives on the home page where a brand can purchase a featured content block showcasing the product as well as cocktails made with the spirit. The second is found on the recipes post, where brands can become a recommended ingredient. A section on the shop page features a brand and some of its products.

In 2019, Cocktail Collective earned a Webby nominee for best site in the Food and Drink category. The brand is continuing to grow, and it's one we're watching closely. It's surely poised for even bigger things.

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