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Damsel in Dior

Fashion Forward Content
Meets Commerce.

Damsel in Dior is a digital fashion, travel and lifestyle publication that seamlessly merges content with commerce. In designing the site, we drew inspiration from traditional fashion publications, as well as the founder’s own personal style.
* Update: We recently redesigned the Damsel in Dior website. Check back soon for new case study.

Content over Everything.

If our goal from a visual perspective was to highlight the content, functionally, our focus was on creating an organic shopping experience. While every item can be found on the shop page, users can shop whenever, and wherever they’re inspired to, throughout the site.

Mix and Match.

Products featured in multiple posts are designated with a numbered badge. When users click on the item, they’re shown everywhere it’s been featured. So while we’ve integrated the shop functionality into the posts, we’re also promoting additional content at the point of purchase.

Shop directly from the homepage

Shop Around.

Rather than compete with the content, we integrated the ability to shop throughout the site. Users can shop from the homepage, in post widgets and footers, and obviously on the shop page itself.

Shop details on the post page

A Refined Experience.

From the shop page, users can filter products by category, shop curated items in 'Edits', and complete looks on Instagram.

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It's not all just taking pretty photos wearing cute outfits.

The Details

Homepage Layout
Navigation Dropdown
Search Function
Shop Damsel's Favourites
Featured Product Post Widget
Related Posts Section
Image Grid Post Widget

The integrated shopping approach has propelled Damsel in Dior to become one of the top-grossing brands on RewardStyle, the largest content monetization platform for lifestyle influencers.

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