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Sports Highlights.
Straight From the Crowd.

The rise of the smartphone has ushered in a new type of sports media, but fans can’t easily find this user-generated content. By producing, aggregating, and sorting this content, Grandstand delivers the best fan video highlights and makes them easily discoverable in real-time.


Real-time Fan Video.

Grandstand allows users to easily discover fan videos in real time by game, team, athlete & play. See list of all live games and view fan highlights in real time.

Personalized Experience.

Users can subscribe to their favourite team, player and play feeds, Allowing quick access to their go-to's from a menu called the "Lineup". They can also save their favourite videos to their profile.

Engage with Other Fans.

Users can record and share highlights from live sporting events with other fans. The conversation heats up as fans comment and up/downvote videos.

Endless Possibilities.

Users are able to re-live classic moments with a huge library of fan footage, old and new. The Explore feature allows users to get lost in the endless library of content and opens doors for the app creators to integrate several different monetization strategies.

We helped create a platform where sports fans can unite and engage with one another. But most importantly, Grandstand allows the fan at home to feel the emotion from inside the stadium.

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