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Taking an Iconic Streetwear
Brand to a New Level.

Hypebeast as a brand needs no introduction. Launched in 2005, the brand foresaw the emergence of streetwear as mainstream culture. In 2018 though, the site was in need of a refresh.

The goal was to modernize Hypebeast — working within its existing structures while providing a needed facelift. With a focus on habit-forming user-experience, the new design would keep users on site longer and increase user referrals — further elevating Hypebeast as a globally recognized brand in fashion and culture.

Modular & Responsive.

We built a series of responsive modular content widgets, designed to work on any device, anywhere on the site. These widgets encourage users to engage and explore, while adding a touch of personalization.

Driving Revenue and User Retention.

By narrowing the content area, we’ve made articles longer, encouraging the user to scroll deeper into the site. With a seamless infinite scroll experience, we’re able to show previews of articles, letting users quickly scan and find content they’re most hyped on. This allows us to show additional ad units as well as introduce more personalized content widgets, driving revenue and user retention.

Design to Match Content.

Hypebeast has steadily grown the breadth of its content. They publish anywhere from 80 to 100 articles a day. Our designs had to accommodate everything from quick blog posts to longform features, lookbook galleries to videos starring Alexander Wang and David Beckham.

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