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Not Your Standard

A New Standard in
Fashion & Lifestyle Content.

Not Your Standard is a digital destination designed to set a new standard in fashion and lifestyle content, as inspired by founder Kayla Seah. Our goal was to match Kayla’s flare and style, ensuring we could build something both attainable and relatable.

There's Always a Twist

Through her focus on a breadth of verticals, Kayla is creating a full lifestyle brand. She needed a product that could speak to that diversity of content, while still highlighting the shared ethos that runs throughout—that there is always a twist, that this is not your standard.

An Article Experience

A beautiful article experience was designed to feature a persistent and fully integrated shoppable section, available to the user as they scroll down the page. As well, each article is built to encourage further reading and navigation, through the use of infinite scrolling and a floating related posts section.

Article details

Shop Directly From the Homepage

On the homepage, we highlight each article's shoppable items through an animated preview. This mini gallery not only reinforces our desired user action, but also highlights Kayla's unique style and taste.

Shop teaser animation

Finer Details

Shop Page
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Expanded menu
Category Archive

Won 2018 Webby Award for Best Lifestyle Website, beating out brands like Vice's Broadly, Girl Boss, and Well + Good. Established Not Your Standard as a recognized industry leader in fashion and lifestyle content.

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