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Sharp Magazine

A Better Look
for Modern Men.

Sharp Magazine is a modern men’s publication, with content centered around style, culture and gear.

Inspiring from Print to Screen.

It’s available on both screens and magazine stands, but like a lot of traditional print publications that make the move to digital, something got lost in translation. Their online presence didn’t provide the reader with the same experience as the magazine. It felt dated. And for a publication trying to inspire, that won’t do.

Read More.

To increase user engagement and retention, we made each article flow seamlessly into next, and created a persistent reading list for easy navigation.

On the Money.

To conform with the new viewable impressions guidelines, sticky ads move up and down the page with the user, ensuring they count as valid impressions.

Homepage scrolling interactions

Measure Twice.

To optimize key metrics, like newsletter signups and engagement, we performed post launch A/B tests. Through various incentive and generic call to actions, we were able to increase daily newsletter subscriptions by 860%.

Since the launch, Sharp Magazine has shown steady improvement in all of their key performance indicators. This has allowed them to offer a more comprehensive package to advertisers across all of their media platforms.

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