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The Chriselle Factor

A Platform to
Build and Grow.

A fast-rising lifestyle influencer, Chriselle Lim won Blogger of the Year at the 2016 Bloglovin awards. With over 750,000 subscribers and 29 million views, she is the top fashion expert on YouTube. Still though, The Chriselle Factor website lacked a strategy that spoke to her broad reach and extensive capabilities.

Our goal was to build a platform that amplified The Chriselle Factor's existing strengths while providing a base to grow the brand.

Homepage with dedicated video units

Integrated video.

From a bespoke video hub to integrated, autoplaying video units on the homepage and in articles, video is woven directly into the fabric of The Chriselle Factor. The effect is engaging and encourages the user to explore deeper into Chriselle's archives.

Editorial Approach.

Article layouts feel very editorial and seek to highlight the brand's beautiful photography. With a series of custom content modules, Chriselle and her team are able to lay out each post as the content requires. The reading experience features various shopping opportunities, helping drive The Chriselle Factor's affiliate business.

Shop while reading.

Within articles, images can be tagged with product callouts offering quick access to shop. A product carousel content widget also serves to highlight featured items and reinforce that desired call to action of shopping.

The Shop

Shop Landing Page
Shop by Category

The new site has solidified The Chriselle Factor as an elite lifestyle influencer. Since the site launched, they've added almost 100,000 new subscribers on their YouTube channel.

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