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Tokyo Smoke

Helping Canada
Celebrate Legalization.

Tokyo Smoke is a lifestyle cannabis brand with locations across Canada. With legalization day approaching, they came to us to build a destination for their Spend Ten Seventeen campaign — a pre-legalization push to build brand awareness and drive newsletter subscriptions.

What we built is a focused and modular microsite, flexible enough to adapt to user’s interests and location.

Perfectly Adaptable

We built a beautiful mobile experience that’s more akin to a social feed than a typical microsite.

Attention to Detail

Tokyo Smoke brought with them with a breadth of content - video, recipes, trivia, playlists - that all needed to fit together. We designed and built unique interactions and touch points for each content type that still feel unified.

Article detail page hero

Built to Convert

Above all, Spend Ten Seventeen is built to convert visitors into subscribers. We designed a series of CTA components to run throughout the site, that are both contextual and incentivized.

Homepage newsletter signup popup CTA
Incentivized newsletter signup CTA used in articles

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