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Toronto Maple Leafs

History in the Making.
A Day in the Leafs.

In 2017, the Toronto Maple Leafs celebrate their centennial anniversary. We created a timeline to help celebrate their achievements.

Timeline on Scroll

History in the Making.

Over the course of 100 years, they’ve won thirteen Stanley Cup championships, built a passionate fan base, and become one of the most storied franchises in professional sports.

A Day in the Leafs.

The sad fact is the Leafs haven’t won the Cup since 1967. So rather than have users scroll back through 12 seasons that end in April, and another 38 that end in disappointment, we populated the timeline with news, events, memories and user generated content that took place 'On this Day'. So despite a 50 year championship drought, we’re still able to showcase impact the Leafs’ have had on the sport, the city, and the fans.

Homepage animations and interactions

One Page Experience

Users can dig deeper, without leaving the timeline, by selecting a date and revealing more in-depth content in a side modal. Content is made sharable from both the side modal and timeline.


Users can easily jump to any month, and can filter content on the timeline by type: moments, news, events, and user-generated content.

Data Collection

The client is able to achieve substation ROI through several data collection points. Internal ads appear in both the timeline and side modal, and email addresses are collected when users submit content.

The final product gave Leaf fans a place where they could turn back the clock to relive their favourite moments. The microsite was a truly innovative and unique digital experience that is rarely seen from professional sports teams.

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